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Sustainable Manufacturing with Dramwears

We know how much you love your whiskey, but we love the environment equally as much – which is why we make it our mission to design and create shirts that are totally sustainable and have no negative impact on mother nature herself. At Dramwears, we want to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by offering green printing solutions. How do we do this? We utilise leading DTG methods to print all of our custom shirts in a considerate way.

benefits of sustainable manufacturing

DTG stands for direct to garment. This is a method where ink is sprayed directly onto our shirts through a sort-of-printer, allowing the ink to soak into the fibres; like printing on paper, but on shirts instead. When it comes to sustainability, DTG is one of the best ways you can go about supporting the environment when ordering clothes online – this is because environmentally friendly inks, dyes and materials are used throughout the entire printing process from start to finish.

Direct to garment isn’t just something that designers and printers get off on, it’s a sustainable manufacturing method for anyone who genuinely wants to make an environmental impact. What are the major benefits of this method?

Although screen printing can be an extremely convenient and quick way to get your garments, mass production leaves a major carbon footprint on the earth… And let’s be real, in the 21st century, who wants to leave a carbon footprint behind? Because of this, our products take upwards of 1-3 days to be created, because putting careful thought and consideration into our t-shirts is something we’re incredibly proud of. ​

Sustainable Manufacturing our Whiskey Shirts

elements of sustainable manufacturing

colour picker
More colour options than with screen printing
Screen Printing
Efficient short runs and one off designs
Quick, easy, and efficient reprints
Doesn’t take up as much workspace as a printing team
Beautiful Quality Finishes
Interested in making a purchase on some of our shirts? Crack open your favourite bourbon, and place an order on your favourite shirt now. Looking for a gift for a friend? We’ve got you. Not only will our shirts look top notch on you, but your friends will look bangin’ too.